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We have doubled our production capacity in Chile


We have strengthened our commitment to the Chilean subsidiary by expanding the facilities and equipment.

At Semillas Fitó we have doubled the capacity of the production centre in Chile with the aim of guaranteeing the best quality seeds and a competitive supply chain.

We have added 3 hectares of greenhouses in Quillota and a set up a permanent team of 15 specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which increases to 100 staff during the peak working season.

Victor Sancho, Global Production Director, says that “With this operation, we have strengthened our production capacity in the South Pacific region and ensured, together with the facilities in the Spanish Mediterranean region, the production of commercial and experimental varieties, as well as R&D services, for the whole year”.

The climate in Chile is ideal for the production of Solanaceae, especially tomatoes and peppers. Proari, the subsidiary of Semillas Fitó in Chile, opened in 2014 with an area of 2.5 hectares. It currently covers 7 ha, half of which are dedicated to production, both for commercial and pre-commercial levels, and the other half to R&D and development programmes.

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